Eyam Church New Worshipper Questionnaire

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Survey for those who have joined or re-joined Eyam Church services since we went online

We are delighted that you have been taking part in our online worship. Could you help us plan how to shape and improve what we do in the future?

What attracted you to our church in particular?:
When do you normally access the service? :
As live
Later that day
Later that week
What is the most valuable thing for you about accessing online worship?:
Are there ways in which we can develop and improve what we do?:
When the crisis is over please tick which option you think you would prefer:
To access services online, probably live-streamed from the church building
To try out a church service in person in the building
To return to your previous pattern, perhaps because normal life makes church hard to fit in or to return to your own church
To connect with the church in a different way (please tell us what that might be)
I/we live (please tick):
In walking distance from the church
A drive away
Too far away to attend in person
I/we are aged (please put the number of each family member) - Under18:
Name(s) (optional)::
Please enter the verification number on the right:*
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