Thought of the month

Dear friends,

I was listening to someone tell of their trip. It was to Turkey, I think.

Whilst there, he visited some carpet makers. These were artists of the highest order, creating handmade carpets that were spectacular to behold. The close attention, rich colours and intricate patterns, made them clearly stand out from the mass producedfactory made ones. It was clear that they were all unique.

What was interesting was the response of the carpet makers when asked what happened if they made a mistake, did they have to unpick it all and start again? They said that they didn’t make mistakes! This wasn’t an arrogant boast. They pointed out that they simply included the mistaken stitch into the pattern, weaving a new pattern, different from what was originally conceived but just as unique and just as beautiful.

The glory of the Christian message is that this is what God does with our mistakes. In his grace he covers our faults, but more than, out of our messes he can bring something beautiful.

We therefore do not need to be constrained by our past but, because of his love he can shape our future. 

God bless

Mike Gilbert, Rector

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