Don't miss out!

The Bible Course has started this week.

Already a number of people have started the Bible Course this week and the comments are really positive.


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The Bible Course is much more than a course. It’s a great resource, whether you are familiar with the Bible or just starting out.   It will help us understand God’s Big Story and how we fit into it! It will help us to translate the lessons of the Bible into a contemporary context.

Do come to one of the sessions at the Church Centre on Thursday 16th even if you haven’t signed up.

Thursday 16th January – 2.30 and 7.30 at Eyam Church Centre

Course books are available - £5 each


The sign-up sheets are in the Church Centre or you can email your interest. The groups meet on:

Tuesday’s 7.30pm at John and Helen Gilbert’s house in Foolow

Wednesday’s 7.30pm at Rachel and Steve Blake’s house in Eyam

Wednesday’s 7.30pm at Lin Chilcott’s house in Stoney Middleton

Thursday’s 2.30pm at Eyam Church Centre

Thursdays 7.30pm at Eyam Church Centre

Thursdays 7.00pm in Bakewell, contact Geoff and Margaret Greer for venue details





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